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My Colourful Bathroom

June 26, 2013

Red Rubber Bathroom Floor

I love the red rubber floor in our bathroom. Thank you very much to Eoin Kennedy from IF Brands for the stunning Altro Rubber floor and to Robbie Usher, who did a great job in installing it. If you’re interested in getting rubber flooring Eoin Kennedy’s number is 087 2439246 and Robbie’s Number is 086 68196741.



Pretty Privacy Film

April 29, 2013

Privacy Window Film

I’ve fitted this gorgeous privacy film to my bathroom windows. It’s really hard to get nice window film, that’s not too expensive. This stuff is about the same price as your bog-standard stuff and best of all it’s non-adhesive so it’s much easier to install.

There are a few different style options but they come in different sizes so make sure the design you pick suits your window’s proportions. The only thing about this website is the minimum order. It’s about €30, which is quite steep so a friend of mine and I ordered together to bring our total over that. Postage wasn’t too bad at €11.


New Front Door

January 31, 2013

We’re finally getting around to replacing our existing 1950’s single-glazed front door. As much as i hate removing original features it’s in very bad condition and is hopeless at keeping in the heat.

Here are some photo montages of possible door styles. The first three are based on an 1930’s style door while the last one is based on an 1950’s design. (BTW The final door might not be red it was just the colour of the door that i took a photo of)

PS – Please excuse the state of the roof, garden, garage door, facade and on and on and on. House is work in progress.

Front Elevations_with new door Front Elevations_with new door_1 Front Elevations_with new door_2 house with new doors


Here is the finished door. It’s a double glazed solid timber door with stipple glazing to the outside. What do you think?

Blue Front Door



Family Heirloom

November 20, 2012

Travelling Trunk

Loving the new addition to the family. This trunk travelled from America to Ireland with my great uncle about 150 years ago.