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Cardboard Homes

September 1, 2016

wikkelhouse cardboard house

Although the construction industry has made great advances towards energy conservation in buildings, less has been done in the area of sustainable construction material, which is why the cardboard Wikkelhouse is such an interesting venture.

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Ice-cream Bucket Library

August 25, 2016

microlibrary at Taman Bima

Generally I’m not a fan of repurposing materials in design. I’m perfectly content with designing to minimise waste, of using biodegradable or recyclable materials, or using recycled materials but there is something about using materials readily identifiable as ‘trash’ that upsets my design sensibilities. That said, hat’s off to the architects Shau who used 2,000 used ice cream buckets to provide ventilation and daylight on the Taman Bima microlibrary in Bandung, Indonesia.

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Zero Waste Light

August 18, 2016

cardboard tube light from waarmakers

Zero waste is the new buzz word on the block and what better way to blend this with design that to create a light out of it’s own packaging, which is exactly what design consultancy Waarmaker did.

R16 is their homage to beautiful and versatile cardboard tubin, which by applying laser cuts is converted into an elegant luminary.

Impressed? I am.



Vegan Leather?

July 21, 2016


I am often torn between plastic and leather when specifying. Perhaps Pinatex™ is the solution?

Piñatex™ is a non-woven textile made from the long fibres found in pineapple leaves, which are a by-product from the pineapple harvest.

Piñatex™ can be printed on, stitched and cut and is available in various thicknesses, finishes and applications. It is currently produced on 155cm width textile rolls.

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G Plan Delight

July 14, 2016

G Plan Chest of Drawers

Buying 1950’s furniture is a great way to create a stylish interior in a sustainable and economical way. Not only are you reducing waste in the world by using a pre-loved item you’re creating a stylish interior with quality pieces that are generally a fraction of what a new piece of the same quality.


One of my favourite twentieth century interior stores is Anonymous on Francis Street, where I recently purchased a delicious G-plan chest of drawers (bottom right of first image). The veneer on this unit is so rich and I just love waking up to it every morning.



DIY Aircon from Plastic Bottles

July 7, 2016

eco cooler by Grey GroupImage from Springwise

Over 70% of Bangladesh’s population live in corrugated tin huts across the countryside. During the long summer months, temperatures reach up to 45° Celsius, making these huts unbearable to live in.

To address the issue, communications company Grey Dhaka teamed up with volunteers from Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd to create the Eco-Cooler – the world’s first-ever zero electricity air cooler, which uses re-purposed plastic bottles cut in half and put into a grid, in accordance to available window sizes. Based on wind direction and airflow pressure, the Eco-Cooler has succeeded in decreasing the temperature in tin huts by up to 5° Celsius.

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Expandable Seat

June 29, 2016

This quick little video gives an entertaining introduction to the ‘flexible love’ chair, which stretches into a gigantic seat that creators claim is flexible and strong yet light to move. In fact the ‘flexible love’ has been in a Taiwanese Museum with daily visitors enjoying a flex seat for the past 5 years.

This extending super seat is made from 100% recycled paper in the earth brown color and virgin craft paper in the white and can seat 12 adults at 120kg per seat.

The flexible love is available to buy online in the USA, Canada and Mexico through