What Drawings should you get from your Architect / Designer?

June 20, 2015
Every architect and designer provides a slightly different service but below is a list of the drawing (drg) packages that most professional provide;
  • Outline Design Stage – these drgs gives you the gist of a project and is similar to what you have now.
  • Scheme Design Stage – these drgs indicate all of the major design decisions required on a project
  • Planning Stage – these drgs provide the planners with all of the information they required to make a decision on whether to grant planning approval or not
  • Fire Certificate Application Stage – these drgs provide the fire safety officers with all of the information they required to make a decision about a fire certificate. This is only required for commercial buildings
  • Detail Design / Tender Stage – these drgs shows all of the design information and construction information that will affect the cost of the project
  • Contract Stage – This is what the builder agrees to provide for whatever the agreed figure is. Sometimes the tender drgs and contract drgs are the same but often builders can suggest alternative ways of constructing things and this needs to be reflected in the contract set of drgs.
  • Construction Stage – This is all of the information that the builder needs to construct the project and will include details like the exact position of light fittings, which may only have been shown as a rough location on previous drgs
  • Completion Stage – These show how things were actually constructed on site and reflect design and construction changes that happened during site works. Not all designers do this but i think they’re useful for home owners, especially when it comes to cable runs etc.



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