February 3, 2015

Rush is soft and silky but needs intermittent sprinkling of water to keep it from drying out. It is useful on floors that might be slightly damp, provided there is ventilation. Avoid putting rush rugs in rooms with strong sunlight as it will fade.

Seagrass is tough, anti-static and stain resistant. If laid on stairs the grain of the floorcovering should run parallel to the stair tread so as to prevent it becoming a trip hazard.

Coir is derived from the brown fibres of coconut husk. It is rough, stain resistant and extremely resistant to abrasion. It does however expands when wet and may buckle on drying. It is not suitable for stairs, as heels can catch in it.

Jute / Hessian is derived from cannabis and is the softest of the natural fibres. Although water can stain it, it needs an intermittent misting of water to keep it from drying out. As it is very smooth and slippery it shouldn’t be used on stairs. Also strong sunlight will bleach it.

Sisal is made from the rope-like fibers of the agave cactus and is a strong, supple, slightly rougher alternative to jute. Most sisal carpets have a latex backing to protect it from damp.It is naturally flame-retardant, anti-static and easy to dye but expands when wet and may buckle on drying. With advances in colour dyeing and weaving technologies, sisal rugs are now available in a wide variety of textures and patterns. It is unsuitable for stairs as hells can catch in it.

Wood Twine is made from wood pulp and is essentially paper so it needs to be kept well away from moisture.

Silk is a rich luxurious fibre suited to low traffic areas. It can be easily dyed but is spoiled by damp. Some silk rugs may have a silk foundation but they are usually made on the cotton foundation.

Wool – See post on Carpets


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