June 4, 2013

Plantain Shutters

Internal window shutters / plantation shutters are typically made from timber or plastic and are an expensive and long-term solution to window dressing. They can come in a variety of styles such as café style (a single shutter set will cover only a portion of the window opening), full-height (a single shutter set will cover the entire height) and tier-on-tier (two shutter sets will cover the entire height of the window opening).

A window shutter consists of a window frame and a number of horizontal slats which you open and close to control the level of light. The slats are either operated on a pull-cord system or by hand and come in a variety of sizes including 32mm, 48mm, 66 mm and 89 mm. Shutters can be painted or stained and subject to cost they can be made to fit any shape of window.

Good quality interior shutters are made from a stable, eco-friendly basswood that is resistant to warping, and are fixed securely to the wall with a durable fixing.

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