April 15, 2013

Gold and White bidet from Tutto Bagno

The bidet, so popular on the continent, never really took off in Ireland. Although some use a bidet as a footbath the bidet is more accurately described as a sit-on washbasin and the term, bidet, actually means ‘little horse’, referring to how the user sits over it. There are two main styles of bidets, ascending spray and the more popular over-rim supply, either of which can be the floor or wall-mounted.

Bidet Components
The brassware for bidet can be purchased just as you would taps for your washbasin.

Installing Bidets
Because of the risk of water being contaminated it is vital that bidets with ascending spay are correctly plumbed. Over-rim supply type bidets do not post the same risk and the assembly of supply and waste fittings is much the same as it is for a washbasin.

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